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Follow the adventures of Steve Robinson when he moves from England to live with his Grandmother in Doremire on the west coast of the United States. ¬†Explore with Jenny, Chuck and Tom as they form MI6 to investigate the “monster” that is haunting this small coastal town, they discover friendship and acceptance.

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A Boy Out of Time

Ben’s life has been one of grief and guilt since his sister’s death. But that is about to change. He is going to spend the summer with his uncle and with his pen-pal Seth. What he doesn’t expect is the adventures of a lifetime. Running for his life was not on his checklist for the summer. He didn’t know he would have to decide to risk his life for another. Follow along as Ben has the most exciting summer of his life.

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Captured In Atlantis

Hi, my name is Ben Javan. I am 14 years old. My best friend, Seth, is from a world 5,000 years in the past. Yep, you heard right. He’s from the past. Oh, and he is 14, too. we were born on the same day; okay the same day with 5,000 years separating us. I know, it sounds impossible. My uncle discovered how to open a door in time. The other side of that door is anchored in a past, in a world that, for me, has been destroyed.

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Ice Kingdom Stowaways

Ever wanted to see the bully get it? Ever wonder what makes a person a bully? Follow along and see what happens when the tables are turned; when he learns what it means to loose everything. Learn how the bully had everything, lost it and then gained what he never had in the first place. Joshua Miles, a 13 year-old boy is going to learn the greatest lessons in life and do things he never imagined,; in ways he couldn’t believe were possible. Learn who the Hoopolipo are and what Josh will learn.

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Finding the Sea Masters

Orphaned by a car accident, Josh is now living with he Uncle in Alaska. He never expected life to take the turns it has. A month into things he is on the biggest adventure of his life, made his first friend, and misses home. He never expected to travel to Antarctica to help a race of people find a new home; he never expected to get captured in an underwater habitat in an underground lake; nor did he expect to get lost and beat up in a poor part of a city. How will Josh deal with these things. Will he survive?

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